Natural Deodorant

Care For Your Underarms

The natural roll-on deodorant has a number of great benefits to your body.  

Simply apply under the arms once freshly bathed or showered.

The naturally scented citrus orange smell is perfect for both men and women, and helps you to feel good and smell fresh - right from the inside out.


You’ll find that it:

🍊 Coats on smoothly

🍊 Gently and naturally eliminates bacteria

🍊 Highly effective at fighting odor without commercial chemicals

🍊 Hypoallergenic, non-staining formula


The great thing about using a natural deodorant like Lauricare is that you can get certain benefits that traditional deodorants just don’t offer. 

Here’s a run through of everything a natural deodorant can give you:

  • It Allows You to Sweat: Sweating is your body's natural cooling mechanism!
  • It Stops Odor Naturally: Our Deodorant is made with plant power, scented with citrus!
  • You'll Feel Confident in Your Safety: Lauricare allows you to use as much underarm deodorant as you feel like, without feeling like you’re burdened with toxins.
  • It's Skin-Friendly: No need to worry about irritation or chafing with our gentle formula.
  • It Aligns with Your Values: You can be pleased you’re taking action to purchase a product that is helpful to the body and nourishes the skin.


Each bottle offers approximately 60 uses per bottle or about 4 weeks for 1 person. 

From your grandma to your teenager to your baby, everyone will love the fresh scent and gentle cleansing power of Lauricare Deodorant. 

It is suitable for all the family, so stock up today!

Natural Deodorant

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