Med-Chem Labs

Who We Are

Established in 1966, Med-Chem Labs, Inc. is a worldwide leader of educational research and home to the minds behind Lauricidin® products. Founded by Dr. Jon Kabara, PhD, we are the original providers of Monolaurin, dating back to its discovery in the 1960s. Today, we continue to lead the way into our vision of a future with better health for all, sharing our passion for the possibilities of what Lauricidin® can do for you and your family.

The original monolaurin supplement for better health & self-healing.*

The power of Lauricidin® formulated into all-natural skin & health care products.

Lauricidin® Gives Back

Betty Kabara, the late Dr. Kabara’s wife, is the President and CEO of Med-Chem Labs, and a tremendous supporter of science and business initiatives around the world. We are dedicated to philanthropy and giving back to the broader community through laboratory research at the Kabara Cancer Research Institute, and through nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs at the Kabara Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies.

Through our philanthropic efforts and the annual Kabara Challenge, we are proud to have raised over $350,000 in the past year alone.


Our Story

Today we are driven by the widespread interest and life-changing possibilities of the Lauricidin® supplement. Take a few minutes to follow the history of Lauricidin® and Med-Chem Labs and see just how far we have come in bringing this discovery to the world of medical research and the healthcare communities. 


1960s Discovery of Monolaurin

Dr. Kabara discovers monolaurin in human breast milk at The University of Detroit. They began experimenting with the nutritional effects of fatty acids, particularly the 12-carbon chain fatty acid lauric acid, and its monoglyceride – then known as Monolaurin, now known as Lauricidin®.

1966 Med-Chem Labs Founded

In 1966, Dr. Kabara founded Med-Chem Labs to share his breakthrough discovery of monolaurin with the world.

1970s Widespread Use

Lauricidin® began to be used in the food, health and beauty industries for its multi-functional properties.

1975 Government Approval

In 1975, Monolaurin was approved GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the FDA as a food additive.


1980 Popularity Increases

As the popularity and knowledge of Lauricidin® grew, the wide ranging possibilities of Lauricidin® began to be realized.

1982 CDC Tested

Monolaurin was tested In-vivo by the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia.

Late 1980s Dr. Kabara Lectures and Educates

Dr. Kabara taught and educated doctors and other healthcare community members about the benefits of monolaurin.

1992 First Recommendation as a Dietary Supplement

Dr. Kabara personally began to introduce the benefits of Lauricidin® and recommend it as a pelletized dietary supplement. Not until Lauricidin® began to be used as a dietary supplement did Dr. Kabara see the difference Lauricidin® was making in people’s lives.


2002 Expansion Begins

Production, bottling and distribution expanded to support the increased demand for Lauricidin®.

2004 Tradeshow Presentations Begin

In 2004 we attended the first of many trade shows to share the latest research and results of taking Lauricidin® daily.

2018 New Lauricidin® Products

We formulated the unique properties of Lauricidin® into skin & wellness products.

Present Day The Legacy Continues

We’re proud to continue bringing Lauricidin® to over 10000+ Health Professionals and countless individuals worldwide.

Why We Do What We Do

We care deeply about making an impact on the world and are genuinely devoted to helping others. We strive every day to build a wellness company that our employees, partners and customers can always be proud of supporting. 

Our Values

We put people before profits.

Our mission is to make Lauricidin® affordable and readily available to Health Professionals, families and individuals around the world.

We care about everyone's health.

We believe in the power of Lauricidin® and the benefits that it may have on the health of all people, regardless of age. We are motivated by a desire to bring better health to all those we serve.

We are here to help you succeed.

We believe that better health is the key to sucess. Through our products and our philanthrophic efforts, we strive to help our community members succeed.

2021 Lauricidin About Us Dr Kabara PhDMeet the Doctor

If there was a Who’s Who of fatty acid research and Monolaurin experts, Dr. Kabara would be at the top. Dr. Kabara’s pioneering research in the discovery of monolaurin in mother’s milk in the 1960’s is the basis for bringing Lauricidin® to the healthcare community. We now work with a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals across the world.

Discovery of Monolaurin

At the University of Detroit Department of Chemistry, Dr. Kabara and his undergraduate students began experimenting with the nutritional effects of fatty acids, particularly the 12-carbon chain fatty acid lauric acid, and its monoglyceride – known as Monolaurin.

In Dr. Kabara’s own words: “Our studies eventually indicated that certain fatty acids and especially their monoglycerides (a fatty acid attached to glycerol) found in mother’s milk had extraordinary properties.”

With the findings of Dr. Kabara and his students, Med-Chem Laboratories, Inc. was born.

Now over 50 years later, Lauricidin® is recommended worldwide by thousands of health professionals, retail consumers and researchers alike for its immune-promoting properties*.

With the growing recognition of the health benefits of coconut oil, more and more people are recognizing the unique properties of its 95%+ pure monolaurin extract, Lauricidin®.

Commercially, Lauricidin® is manufactured by joining one part lauric acid to one part glycerol to create pure monolaurin. Our lauric acid is derived from pure coconut oil.

Dr. Kabara’s Professional Experience

Dr. Kabara’s professional experience began in 1948 as a research assistant at the University of Illinois- Department of Biochemistry. Just eight years after graduation from the University of Chicago, he received his full professorship at the University of Detroit (1965). In 1969, as Professor and Associate Dean, he helped establish a new College of Osteopathic Medicine which became the first affiliated school of Osteopathic Medicine at a major university (Michigan State University).


A well-recognized lecturer, author, and philanthropist, Dr. Kabara also received a number of accolades throughout his career.

American Men of Science
20th Century Award for Achievement
Who’s Who in Technology Today (Fourth Edition)

Who’s Who in Science

International Who’s Who in Community Service

Outstanding Educators of America

Who’s Who in America (Fifty-Fourth Edition)

Two Thousand Men of Achievement

Dr. Kabara was granted over 15 scholarships, has had more than 30-research sponsors and has been awarded over 16 U.S. and foreign patents. He is credited with more than 200 publications including book chapters or books. His last book is Fats are Good for You.


St. Mary’s University, Winona, Minnesota (1945-1948)
Degree: B.S. (Major Chemistry, Minor Mathematics and Philosophy)

University of Miami, Miami, Florida (1948-1950)
Degree: M.S. (Major-Organic Chemistry)

University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (1953-1959)
Degree: Ph.D. (Major –Phamacology, Minor-Biochemistry